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The egg and the restoration of his honor sullied

The egg has been one of the main victims of the absurd war that has been waged during the last few decades against the cholesterol. It all started in the 40's when Ancel Keys he began his particular struggle against the saturated fats. Such was their fanaticism and hatred of fat that ended up earning him the nickname of Mr. Cholesterol.

Ancel Keys portada Time

Sadly, despite not exist not a single clinical study to support their crazy theories, the influence of his ideas has come to our days. In fact, to speak of "cholesterol" we owe it to Ancel Keys.

Luckily, since there are not doubts about the benefits of the egg. Has recovered the status it should never have lost, and now is an essential food in any healthy diet (not vegan).

The average weight of an egg is approximately 60 g, of which 60% clear, 30% yolk and 10% remaining peel and membrane. Among their main nutritional properties include:

  • Density of micronutrients is very high. Contains fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid (B9), acid pathogenic (B5), thiamin (B1), essential fatty acids and minerals (calcium, iron and phosphorus).
  • High biological value. The protein with a higher biological value tried is the egg. It is the only food that contains all the essential amino acids (tryptophan, treonina, isoleucine, leucine,...) in the more balanced proportions. An egg contains about 6.5 grams of protein.

On the other hand, the nutritional components are heterogeneously distributed. The fatthe cholesterol and some micronutrients found in the bud. While the clear it is formed mainly by water and proteins. The content of some minerals and the water-soluble vitamins is also higher in the bud in the clear.

Therefore, the egg is a superfood that should be part of the usual diet. Eat between 1 and 3 eggs per day it falls within what is reasonable and good for the health, although there are real cases of intakes of amounts much higher than with analytical normal.

But not all eggs are the same. The first digit the code imprinted on the shell indicates its origin:

etiquetado huevo

  • 0: Eggs from organic production
  • 1: Eggs of free-range hens
  • 2: Eggs of hens reared on the floor
  • 3: Eggs of hens reared in cages

Prioritizes whenever you can organic eggs or country style. Your health will thank you!

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