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Do you know what is metabolic flexibility?

The human body uses two main energy sources, glucose and fat. The glucose is in the bloodstream and stored in the form of glycogen in the muscles and in the liver, and the fat in the adipose tissue and the fatty acids.

Metabolic flexibility is the body's ability to optimize the consumption of each energy substrate in function of the intensity of the physical exercise.

At a lower intensity is consumed more fat, and higher the intensity the more glucose. If the intensity is kept up the glycogen stores and will the muscle fatigue. While later, this time in reach, the greater will be the metabolic flexibility.

The human body stores about 2,000 calories in glycogen stores and more than 100,000 calories in the fat.

From the point of view of evolution has a lot of sense. Our ancestors walked for hours looking for food (low intensity) and promptly ran to capture prey or flee a danger (high intensity).

viaje a pie

The current problem is that we have very little metabolic flexibilitycome first at all times, the consumption of glucose compared to fat, even when the exercise is of low intensity.

The sedentary life style and the nutritional food pyramid imposed during years in which the grains have played a central role, has made us a genuine machines burn glucose.

Therefore, if you want to retrieve the flexibility of your metabolism we recommend that you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you to move and walk more, and priorices the real food instead of processed products.

Your health will thank you!



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