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The nonsense of the theory of energy balance

The theory of energy balance established from the first law of thermodynamicsthat the energy that enters our body, the less that comes out is equal to what is stored in the form of fat.

calorie balance

This statement is true but does not explain the process of accumulation of the fat. The first law of thermodynamics is a universal truth, which is always met, but that has nothing to do with the metabolic processes of fat accumulation.

Some of the erroneous interpretations arising from the energy balance equation are:

  • Establishes a relationship of causality between the positive balance of calories and accumulation of fat. This is a database error. The surplus is the consequence, not the cause. There is a causal relationship between the surplus caloric and fat accumulation.
  • Considers that all calories are not created equal. A surplus of 100 calories of fruit is equal to one of 100 calories of bakery products. Does anyone think that our body will treat the same way both surpluses? Does anyone believe that our body will accumulate the same amount of fat?
  • It promotes the false myth "if you want to lose weight, eat less and move more"as if we had decision-making power over the calories out and still remain in our body. It is true that with the physical exercise can "burn off" some extra calories, but it is a minimum percentage with respect to the calorie expenditure of our body, around a 15%, unless you're an athlete.

In reality, the factors involved in the accumulation of fat are very diverse, and cannot be explained with a simple equation. What we do know is that the metabolism and hormones have a decisive role.

For this reason, stops paying attention to erroneous theories and begins to worry about what really matters. Adopts a healthy lifestyle that will help to regulate your metabolism and balance your hormones.

Your health will thank you!

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