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Who we are

The team behind Paleobull we integrate a group of friends, and now also partners, a good day, we decided to embark on the journey towards a dream, to offer the world a healthy alternative in front of the epidemic of snacks highly processed that invades us.

The road has not been easy. In the heart of the empire of the cookie centuries-old Maria Fontaneda, we contacted and discussed the idea to several of the main manufacturers of the sector, without success. But finally the relentless search was rewarded and in a small town we find the craftsman perfect to join this adventure.

In that moment began the process of research and development bars paleo. For the selection of ingredients at all times we follow the maxim: always use natural ingredients and of the best quality. The final product has been the fruit of hundreds of tests and tastingsuntil you get the texture and the flavor so characteristic of the bars Paleobullthat makes them unique.

And this has been the birth of the first bars paleo 100% Spanish, which we are very proud to share with you.

Our mission

The mission that we have set in Paleobull and that motivates us every day is promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our values

The 3 core values of Paleobull and that we live by are: transparency, integrity and commitment.


If you have something to tell us we will be happy to hear.

- The team Paleobull