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Are you looking for a healthy snack?

What a snack produced 100% with real food?
And, do you not have time to prepare you?
We will do it for you.

But, what are they and how are produced bars Paleobull?


1.- They are a natural source of energy

The bars Paleobull are a natural source of energya healthy alternative to the "snacks"highly processed. For its high nutritional value and good absorption are an excellent supplement before, during or after practice of any physical activitylike CrossFit, yoga, pilates, trekking or long distance race.

Snack saludable barritas Paleobull

Are the healthy snack perfect for snacking healthy between meals and filling you up without putting your health at risk. Provide the necessary nutrients and enough energy to get to without anxiety to the next main meal.

They are also the perfect companion in your travelsbefore the difficulty to find in many occasions healthy snacks between the great offer of food ultraprocesada existing in gas stations, railway stations and airports.

All the bars have also high protein contenthence their great makes you feel fuller. The protein source is the egg, one of the most nutritious foods that exist by your high power biological.

alto contenido en proteínas de huevo

2.- With the ingredients selected

In its elaboration we use only real food (mainly dates, egg whites, nuts and dried fruit), selected one by one to their quality. A snack no added sugars, no dairy, no gluten or grains, no preservatives and no colourings.

sin porquerías

We use raw nuts unroasted to ensure that none of their nutrients have been destroyed by the high temperature of the oven. And select dried fruit without vegetable oils or fructose added, a common practice of the food industry in this type of food.

3.- Developed through a handcrafted process

All the process of elaboration is artisanalwithout cooking, and is divided into three major stages, the initial mixture of the ingredients and preparation of the dough, extruding the dough and the final packing of the sticks.

The process is subject to a rigorous internal controls of quality very strict to ensure that each bar meets required standards.


4.- The favourite of prominent persons

The bars Paleobull consume and recommend prominent people in areas as diverse as nutrition, fitness, the sport of high competition, yoga or obstacle courses, but who have in common their concern for the healthy eating.

Marcos Vázquez

Marcos Vazquez

The author of the blog Fitness Revolucionario

starstarstarstarstar "Real food is the foundation of any good diet, but it is difficult to find ingredients of truth in the world of snacks. Most are combinations of inexpensive raw materials: cereals, sugars, flavorings, and preservatives. Everything but real food. Paleobull offers a much needed healthy alternative to all of these snacks are processed. Paleobull is energy-based foods, neither more nor less.”

Úrsula Ruiz

Ursula Ruiz

Athlete 9 times champion of Spain of weight

starstarstarstarstar "Sticks healthy Paleobull have become an indispensable of my training and my day-to-day. Took time looking for a food compact and healthy, that would cover my needs pre and post-training and at the end I found it. Paleobull is a bar complete in itself and without preservatives, or dyes or refined sugars. And best of all, are delicious. Do not hesitate, Join the Tribe!"

Berta Castells

Berta Castells

Athlete, 13 times champion of Spain of hammer throwing

starstarstarstarstar "Finally a few bars that I feel good! They are natural, without added sugars, nutritionally-balanced and in addition are delicious. I have found a fantastic complement to my diet and I can eat at any time. Give Me the energy I need during workouts and competitions, help me to recover much better and are a good snack for my travels. I always carry a stick Paleobull with me! As a nutritionist and as an athlete I recommend them 100%.”

Airam Fernández

Airam Fernández

CEO Paleotraining™

starstarstarstarstar "As a human, I just want to eat human foods, pure, unadulterated, without processed chemicals, no additives. This is easy to get in the meal of every day but not for when you need a snack. I love to be able to put the hand in the backpack at any moment and find pure food in the form of a stick, in the form of Paleobull. It is not magic, it is just passion on the part of the product”.

But what is more important, without a doubt,
are the positive opinions of the tribe that we receive every day.


opiniones Paleobull


And here you can see a witness real live, no trap or cardboard: