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Frequently asked questions about the bars Paleobull

What is the best time to eat a bar Paleobull?

Easy, when you ask for the body. The bars Paleobull are suitable for any time of the day, if you're in the office, in the library, on the way to the gym, after training, to your outputs for the field, on trips,...

Why came the bars Paleobull?

Arose because in Spain there there was a a healthy alternative to the snacks ultraprocesados and unhealthy, easy to find on any site, including hospitals and health centers.

What sticks Paleobull are gluten-free?

No, all the sticks Paleobull are "gluten-free" and there is also no risk of cross-contamination in processing. All the ingredients we use are gluten free.

Do you have lactose?

No, do not have lactose or any other derived dairy.

Do you have any added sugar or sweeteners?

No, in any case, we use sugar or sweeteners. The only sugar present is the one that have natural ingredients, mainly dates.

Do you have artificial additives?

No, they are free of any additives artificial like preservatives, colorings or sweeteners.

Do they eat children?

Yes, once the child begins to eat solid food you can enjoy without any kind of problem of your first Paleobull. Many of our customers buy them for their children.

What are the alternative to food?

The food is not replaced. The bars Paleobull they are very saciantes and help you to reach without forward to the next main meal. But if someone recommends that you substitute one meal bars don't is advising you well.

What are vegan?

The bar, Apple yes, the rest do not because they have egg whites. In the bar of the Apple the source of protein is of plant origin, in particular of pea.

Where can I find the sticks Paleobull?

In this link you can consult the points of sale physical. If you know someone who may be interested in our bars and we are grateful that we say and happy to talk with him. Also you can buy them in our Web.

I want to try them, do you send me some free samples?

We would love to be able to send samples to all over the world that we ask for, but if this were so, the next day we would have to close. But we're confident that you will like them and this is why we encourage you to buy. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied please please contact us and we will study your case.

What are the allergens of the bars?

In the page of detail of every bar you can check the allergens: Cacao and Reishi, Coconut and Maca, Banana and Hazelnut, Orange and Chia, Peach and Baobab, Fruits of the Forest, Pina Colada, Coffee and Guarana, Apple Vegan and, Lemon, Goji and Ginger.

Is there free shipping?

Yes, from 38€ (for the case of the Peninsula) and shipping is free. For other cases see our page of shipping costs.