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What do you think of the bars Paleobull?

Marcos Vázquez

Marcos Vazquez

The author of the blog Fitness Revolucionario

"Real food is the foundation of any good diet, but it is difficult to find ingredients of truth in the world of snacks. Most are combinations of inexpensive raw materials: cereals, sugars, flavorings, and preservatives. Everything but real food. Paleobull it offers a much needed healthy alternative to all of these snacks are processed. Paleobull it is energy-based foods, neither more nor less.”

Úrsula Ruiz

Ursula Ruiz

Athlete 9 times champion of Spain of weight

"Sticks Paleobull they have become an indispensable of my training and my day-to-day. Took time looking for a food compact and healthy, that would cover my needs pre and post-training and at the end I found it. Paleobull it is a stick complete in itself and without preservatives, or dyes or refined sugars. And best of all, are delicious. Do not hesitate, Join the Tribe!"

Xisela Aranda

Xisela Aranda

7 times champion of Spain of Squash and CEO in Mailbor

"What real food on a stick? Yes, this is possible and is called Paleobull. The main factor in a healthy diet is to escape from the processed products and feed base of real food. In Paleobull know this and have created a few bars that are outside of any additives, using only natural foods, focusing on health at the time of making a product that can be consumed before, during or after exercise. I admire the whole team Paleobull to achieve something as well, differentiating, creating a healthy snack, rich, and from that try it out will begin to form part of your day-to-day."

Berta Castells

Berta Castells

Athlete, 13 times champion of Spain of hammer throwing

"Finally a few bars that I feel good! They are natural, without added sugars, nutritionally-balanced and in addition are delicious. I have found a fantastic complement to my diet and I can eat at any time. Give Me the energy I need during workouts and competitions, help me to recover much better and are a good snack for my travels. I always carry a stick Paleobull with me! As a nutritionist and as an athlete I recommend them 100%.”

Lucía Liencres

Lucia Liencres

Instructor of Vinyasa Yoga & Blogger

"The sticks Paleobull they are delicious and are supersanas in its composition, with natural food and very nutritious. Give a lot of energy and are very different to everything I have tried so far. I love also by the variety of flavors”.


Airam Fernández

Airam Fernández

CEO Paleotraining™

"As a human, I just want to eat human food, pure, unadulterated, without processed chemicals, no additives. This is easy to get in the meal of every day but not for when you need a snack. I love to be able to put the hand in the backpack at any moment and find pure food in the form of a stick, in the form of Paleobull. It is not magic, it is just passion on the part of the product”.

Alejandro Samper

Alejandro Samper

Athlete Team Spartan Spain

"It is very difficult to be able to find supplements with real food and no additives, in addition to be able to have them in training sessions and competitions. The bar Paleobull it is an excellent energy source that personally as a diabetic type I and high-level athlete I recommend for its excellent absorption and high nutritional value. For me personally, it works excellent especially during and post-exercise without causing just spikes”.