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Do you know that your habits influence the genes of your offspring?

The information of who we are, our characteristics, physiological, morphological and biochemical, is stored in the genes. We inherit from our parents and pass on to our children. So we perpetuate as a species.


All of the genetic information of our species is the human genome. All of the genetic information of an individual is the genotypeand the way in which genes are expressed in a given environment is the phenotype.

From the point of view of classical genetics, the genetic material is transmitted from unalterably from parents to children (barring genetic mutations). In other words, the influence of environmental factors on the genes is not inheritable.

But this statement is not entirely true. Thanks to the epigenetics we know that it is possible to cause heritable changes in gene functionwithout altering its structure.

That is to say, the habits of your life style condition the expression of your genes and also leave a footprint in the genetic material that convey to your children, which predisposes them to suffer from diseases triggered by environmental factors.

"The genes load the gun. Life-style pulls the trigger".

Dr. Elliot Joslin

For this reason, a diet neglected based on processed foods and a sedentary life style not only will negatively affect your health, but will leave a series of marks in your genes which are transmitted from generation to generation.


So, for your own benefit and that of future generations we encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, take care of the food and you incorporate movement into your life.

So all we will win!

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