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Your health is in your stomach

The microbiota it is the large community of microorganisms, which covers the body of the human being. It is a complex ecosystem of microbes, comprising bacteria, fungi, and other microorganism. For every human cell there are 10 bacteria and its more of 3 million genes exceed 150 times the human genome.

The intestinal microbiota it is the part of the microbiota that we host in our intestines. Approximately represents 70% of the total. Let's not forget that the surface of the intestines is equivalent to the area of a tennis court (approximately 300 m2).

Our relationship with the intestinal microbiota is mutual benefit. It is nurtured by what we are nourished and in return helps us in the digestion of food, produces vitamins and minerals, and it behaves like a defensive barrier that protects us from the invasion of pathogenic organisms.

Therefore, the balance of the intestinal microbiota it is essential for our health. The loss of the balance of the microbiota is related to the onset of certain types of allergies, skin problems, metabolic diseases, intestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases. And every day there are more.

More recent investigations have studied the relationship between intestinal problems and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, to the point of consider the stomach the "second brain"of the human body. Think about it the next time you feel butterflies.

segundo cerebro

The power it is a key element to ensure the health of our gut. Changes in what we eat has a direct impact on the composition of the intestinal microbiota.

To take care of the balance of the microbiota and strengthen the intestinal bacteria it is recommended to avoid additives, processed foods, grains with gluten, refined oils, and pasteurized dairy.

So the next time you sit down at the table remember that not worth to eat everything, follows a healthy diet based on fresh foods and not processed, and your microbiota will thank you!


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