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Does it make sense to count calories for weight control?

No, it makes no sense to count calories for weight control. The calorie is a unit of thermal energy. Traditionally been used the calorie measure the energy of food ingested and as well to develop diets by applying the energy balance equation: the calories that you ingest less energy expenditure is equal to the fat that is stored.

balance energético

But this is a serious error, the calories did not influence the body composition of individuals. Scientific studies have shown that diets isocaloric (identical calorie) with same distribution of macronutrients, have a different impact on the accumulation of body fat.

To think that you can control your weight by counting calories is the same as thinking that you can do it from the volume of the food you eat. You imagine the absurdity of someone comment: I have a diet of 3 liters.

Then, what is it that matters? Very easy, kind of food. This is because different foods is metabolize, absorb and transform in fat or energy in a different way.

On the other hand, the value of the calories of the nutritional labels of processed foods, is calculated using the system Atwaterdeveloped from experimental studies by the american chemist Wilbur Olin Atwaterat the end of the the NINETEENTH century and principles of the the TWENTIETH century. According to experts, it is a system bit accurate with a few deviations of error of up to 30%.

Therefore, because not only is counting calories makes no sense at all, is that directly we don't really know how many calories we are eating.

For this reason, we encourage you to in your diet priorices food quality, eat until satiety when you are hungry and forget to always count calories.

Calorías Nutrición

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