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Manifiesto dieta paleo

Do you want to change your lifestyle, incorporate healthy habits and do not know where to start?

To make it easy for you here is the manifesto of the paleo diet of Paleobullalthough for us is not a “diet” but a model of nutrition and lifestyle based on the evolution.

Our manifesto is a simple enumeration of sentences, are not sorted by order of importance, some will be easier to carry out than others, but all will positive change in your life style.

# Eat real food. [post]
# Eat vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish, meat, nuts, spices,... [post, post, post]
# See more market and less at the supermarket.
# Eat your breakfast, the same thing that you eat and dinner, no breakfast meal. [post]
# Eat when you are hungry and eat to satiety. [post]
# Fasting once in a while.
# Removes the food ultraprocesados.
# Remove the products with added sugars.
# Remove sugar-sweetened beverages or sweetened.
# Respects the rest of your body, is when it regenerates. [post]
# Incorporates movement into your life. [post, post]
# It takes the sun and exponte to the cold.
# Release your feet and use shoes minimalist.
# To read more and see less television.
# Forget about counting calories. [post, post]
# Do not believe what it says in the latest food pyramid published. [post, post]
# Are critical of the studies and reports funded by the industry. [post, post]
# Take care of the balance of your hormones and bacteria. [post]

Start where you want, but it starts. Do not leave it for tomorrow.

Your health will thank you!

Hábitos Paleo

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