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Salt, what is our enemy?

The common salt or salt it is one of the condiments older used by the human being. Also allows you to preserve food and extend its useful life. In fact the Spanish term salary comes from the Latin salarium, which has its origin in the amount of salt was given to roman legionaries to be able to keep your food.

The salt has always been a goods of great value throughout the history of humanity has attracted the interest of civilizations and merchants, leading to even wars for control of the trade routes and the salinas of the which was extracted.


The salt began to lose its economic importance at the end of the the NINETEENTH century when the food industry modern began using alternative means to the the conservation of the food.

Another big blow that he received the salt was at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century when it was related to the high blood pressure. This belief lasts until our days, but gradually the scientific evidence begins to prove that it is not so.

In contrast, a factor to which it is necessary to pay attention to enjoy a healthy blood pressure is to keep the balance between sodium and potassium. The processed products have a negative impact on this balance as they usually are high in sodium and low in potassium.

In addition, studies conducted in the west have shown that the 10 % of salt that is ingested comes from natural form of food, the 15 % comes from what is added during the preparation of homemade food and the 75 % comes from what's added to the food industries in food processing.

Therefore, our focus of concern does not have to be in the 15% of the salt that we add, but in 75% of salt in our diet through the processed food products that the food industry added with the aim of wake up the hunger.

despertar hambre

For this reason we recommend that in your diet you choose without fear by the natural salt unrefined, a't exclude the processed products and follow a healthy life style.

!Your health will thank you!

Photo Salar de Uyuni: Wikipedia

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