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Put in time your circadian cycle!

Each one of us have an internal clock that is responsible for regulating the physiological functions of our body, alternating each day states of sleep and wakefulness. Is the circadian cycle.

During the day, in a waking state, are active all the physiological functions. In contrast, in the sleep state reduces the body temperature and blood pressure, and the body enters a state of recovery and restoration. Hence the importance of sleep and sleep well.

Very simply we could say that the circadian cycle is regulated by a group of neurons in the hypothalamus sensitive to light that act on 2 hormones: the cortisol and melatonin. So that with the light of dawn is releases cortisol and that our body is active, and with the darkness of the evening it secretes melatonin that us numbed and helps us to sleep.

In a natural environment, the circadian cycle is synchronized with the cycle of day and night since the hours of light and darkness are well defined. The problem appears when we live in an environment surrounded by artificial light and our brain is not able to distinguish when it is day and when night.

contaminación lumínica

To give you an idea, the level of lighting on a sunny day can reach to 100,000 lux and on a clear night of full moon is 1 lux. That is, the order of magnitude is of 100,000 to 1. In contrast, in an office well-lit during the day we will have only 500 lux and at night in a dark room with the window open in a city we will not give the 100 lux. Only 5 times lessinsufficient to synchronize our circadian cycle.

If the circadian cycle is not synchronized, the more likely it is that at night you suffer from insomnia and notes sleepiness by the day. Therefore, the ideal is that from the setting of the sun, avoid exposure to artificial lights of great power, and any other device light that is able to fool your brain (tv, computer, tablets,...).

As this is not always possible, we recommend at least the use of applications to regulate the brightness of the computer screen and mobilethe type f.lux.

And above all, we encourage you to occasionally turn off directly the light and enjoy a dinner in the light of the candles.

Your rest will thank you!

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