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The paleo diet and pasta

The paleo diet or the model of nutrition evolutionary advised to avoid the consumption of dairy, legumes and cereals. And with them, any derivative, such as bread or pasta made with wheat flour.

The reasons why it is not recommended eat cereals and its derivatives are:

  • Have low-density nutritional (the nutrients that give you respect that you need).
  • Induce high peaks of glucose and insulin in the blood (one of the risk factors of type II diabetes).
  • Contain potentially dangerous substances or antinutrients (are the defenses of the grain against external attacks).
  • The gluten they contain contributes to the permeability and intestinal inflammation (especially in people with celiac disease).

Does this mean that you have to forget for ever the bread, pizza, macaroni and spaghetti? No, it simply means that should not form part of the basis of your diet, what you eat every day, and that their consumption has to be punctual.

However, if you do not want to completely give up this type of food, an alternative much more healthy to refined flours, whether white or brown, are the flours from roots and seedsas the tapioca, almond or coconut.

Harina de coco

!Your health will thank you!

Nutrición Paleo

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