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Interview with Mercedes Chilla

Mercedes Chilla López (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, January 19, 1980) is a Spanish female athlete specialist in the javelin. He has represented Spain in two Olympic Games, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008and in several global.

Among his many sporting achievements include, ten times champion of Spain, is the current record holder nationall of the test with 64,07 metersand bronze medal in the Campeonata European 2006.

Has been appointed in 2007 beloved daughter of the province of Cádiz for their sporting merits.

Currently you can find in the box CrossFit Jerez.

Mercedes Chilla

Ahead with the interview:

Mercedes, have you ever done releases of javelin using the technique of Miguel De la Quadra-Salcedo?

I once had the temptation to see how it would be, but it was feint.

I guess any launcher disc would have more ease than I to try it... anyway, after the super-feat of Miguel De la Quadrabanned the technique to be dangerous and now we can not give it back to the drop zone during the launch.

De la Quadra Salcedo

 What makes it more illusion, the first medal, to be record-breaking, a medal in a european championship or be the favorite daughter of your province?

The medal at the european so that means... a pitcher “little ant” fighting with the largest and strongest of Europe, when little people think that you can and, however, you do.

From your experience as an elite athlete, if you had to place in order of importance to get to the top how ordenarías: genetics, environment, nutrition, training and rest?

By order would be: Genetics, training, diet, rest and environment. And I would add that among the first posts, without any doubt... “head”. There are a lot of head to be able to compete at a high level and pay.

What could be done in Spain to improve the conditions of our athletes?

It is a very complicated question... But the most basic that we know it works in other european countries as for example Italy or the Czech Republic, is provide a job in the security forces (police/army) after the withdrawal, and according to merits during sports career. This way you can be in the high level without the unrest, at a certain age, you stop training for a living.

Of course the aids are also very important while you are active, and even help to a certain extent in the athletes who suffer a major injury that makes it impossible for them to continue training during their rehabilitation and recovery. Here there is always a vacuum that forces in some way with the athlete to look for other alternatives to getting a source of income while you recover, and that sometimes, makes the final retreat of the athletes.

When do you come to CrossFit for the first time, and how is it hooked both to the one practicing?

I think it was in the 2013 my friend and current partner, Begoña García (basketball player professional, olympic in Athens in 2004), told me to go to make a session to a box of Chiclana.

Crossfit hooked by many things...

First and although it sounds cliché... the community! Classes are small and the athletes they make friends very good. Feel comfortable, almost like family.

It is for any person of any fitness level and agebecause it suits to all work at the level of the athlete.

Compete “hooked” and CrossFit gives access to the “competition” daily to people who maybe never could do it because he did not highlight when I was younger or what he left for work. In addition, the be as varied does not come to be bored as a standard gym.

On the other hand, is very effective, with 1 hour of training and doing things with head, always looking for the technique first...the majority of people find physical improvements and of character, visible in approximately 2 months and also transferable to your everyday life.

How did you the bars Paleobull?

Through my friend and companion releases, It Úrsula Ruíz! We got to try the bars in a competition and now we are all hooked...

Does Sherry vinegar or Modena?

Sherry!! Of course...hahahaha. And if I want a touch more sweet, reduction of Pedro Ximenez. You have to take advantage of the local product!

What if we visit every year 75 million tourists, why the spaniards, we still think that the best thing to do abroad?

In Spain we have a lot of things of quality that is also not found in the other countries. I think that the trend is changing, each time we care about more than search local products, of high quality, organic... That olive oil golden almost green...that ham that you stick to the throat... muffin Antequera craftsman... how wonderful!

Where can we find you?

Working in Crossfit Jerez or training in Chapinmy second home (or first, rather). I will accept visits!

crossfit jerez

Finally a curiosity. Where is the league, in a bar, in a box of CrossFit or an Olympic Village?

Jajjajajaja... in a box of CrossFit!

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