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Interview with Mary Hairstyle

Mary Peinado Bravo (Jaén, February 8, 1977) is a Spanish female athlete specialist in combined events. In his resume highlights: 6 times champion of Spain of heptatlón and 7 times champion of Spain absolute of pentathlon in indoor track.

It is also recordwoman of Spain absolute of heptatlón and pentathlon indoor track and has the best brand Spanish subsidiary of decathlon since 2005.

Currently you can find in the room Paleotraining of Valencia.

maria peinado

"We started with the interview:

If we think in any sport, for example basketball, the most prized is the athlete's most complete, able to score points, grab rebounds, give assists, put caps.... Do you have the feeling that the same thing happens in athletics with specialists in combined events (pentathlon, heptatlón, decathlon)?

Unfortunately, an athlete from the combined evidence is reviewed in club events, because it can cover several tests, you are the joker of the club to any evidence that has been discovered even though it is not within the heptathlon, in my case, I have come to do 400 meters of fence, discus, pole vault...

Note that before even the championship of Spain was next to the other tests, but that changed thankfully. When you go out to compete outside, you realize that people are going to see exclusive competitions of combined eventshere in Spain this does not happen.

From your experience as an elite athlete, if you had to place in order of importance to get to the top how ordenarías: genetics, environment, “head”, food, training and rest?

To my way of seeing things would be in first place three important aspects: genetics-talent-training (if you do not have talent, given the same genetics and no training doesn't matter the talent you have) in the second place: food and “head” (very IMPORTANT) good nutrition improves your performance and do a good job of head makes the impossible becomes possible. And in third place: rest to recover hormonal processes it is necessary to rest.

What could be done in Spain to improve the conditions of our athletes?

I'm very envious of US as to the basis with the education system linked to the sport, and to adult level give me envy some countries of Europe where will ensure you a job once you retire.

When did you discover the Paleotraining for the first time, and why our best Spanish female athlete of the combined evidence from the story opts for this method of training?

What I discovered to root of a back surgery because of a herniated disc. When I started training I couldn't do that as before the surgery and I started training with body load, I've been researching new trends in functional training and he took me to meet among others the paleotraining and this was for its training system and its benefits both physical as well as nutritional convinced me... and up until today

How did you the bars Paleobull?

Paleotraining seeks the best for its users, and best bars natural there currently are the bars Paleobull, that's why in all the halls paleo you can find these bars.

Do coconut oil or olive oil?

Hahahaha, olive oil without a doubt.

Thousands of tankers of olive oil will all the years from Spain to Italy to be packaged there. Are we good sellers are the Spanish?

There are things which cannot be understood but what we do have is the best product.

Where can we find you?

In the room Paleotraining Valencia.

sala paleotraining valencia

Finally a curiosity. As shortly gintonics the be covered, because you can find: cucumber, lemon, lime, cinnamon, cardamom, raspberry, orange, licorice, mint, juniper, black pepper, hibiscus, ginger, mint, or nutmeg.... What can be considered the tonic a drink “paleo”?

hahaha touché!! If it weren't for the alcohol...

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