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Collagen and joints

Did you know that collagen is the main component of skin and bones. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for producing fibres, the collagen fibers. More than 25% of the mass of protein in our body is collagen. There are 21 different types of collagen in function of the genetic differences of its molecules.

Fibra colágeno

The collagen fibers are characterized by being flexible and very resistant to traction. An example are the collagen fibers of the tendons human that support several hundred kilograms per square centimeter before it breaks.

Collagen is the protein that provides structure to the tissue cartilaginous that protect the bones of the joints. The synthesis and regeneration of cartilage after an injury will depend on a large extent of the power.

torcedura de tobillo

There are some foods that encourage the natural production of collagen by our body, such as: ginger, broccoli, citrus, nuts and salmon. Without forgetting other dishes of the traditional cuisine: corns, trotters of pigs and broths of fish or bones.

On the other hand, different studies have shown the benefits of the consumption of hydrolyzed collagen as a supplement to stimulate the binding of the collagen in the union joint. In these cases, the dose that is recommended is between 7 and 10 grams daily of hydrolyzed collagen.

To finish, if you want to keep your healthy joints and avoid the problems of wear and tear of the cartilage, make sure to take the collagen. Here you have a choice:

Your health will thank you!

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