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Careful, we live in a obesogenic environment

Obesity is already a global epidemic, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). The WHO also states that the obesity it is one of the most serious problems of public health in the TWENTY-first century.

epidemia mundial obesidad

Traditionally it was thought that obesity was the sole responsibility of the individualof your diet and the physical exercise that makes (the false dogma she eats less and spends more). But today we know that this is not so. Obesity is a multifactorial disease in which the environment of the individual has a great influence.

The industrialization of the society and the changes of habits have favoured the creation of a obesogenic environment, that is to say, an environment that promotes the development of obesity of individuals.

The main risks of the obesogenic environment they are: availability at all times of processed foods rich in sugars (supermarkets, vending machines, gas stations, airports,...), sedentary jobs and, in general, a lifestyle with little physical activity (we do not move).

The obesogenic begins in the within the family, where the child learns from the small eating habits and physical activity of their parents. Learn to prioritize a few foods in front of others, and to adopting behaviors active or sedentary.

After adult faces an environment in which the temptation is omnipresent. The food industry in seeking to maximize its own benefit in place of putting the health of the individuals is responsible with all means available to promote and establish unhealthy habits.

Therefore, the legislators should stop blaming the individual for their obesity problems, the consciousness of the existence of the obesogenic environment that surrounds us, and legislate accordingly. Similarly to what was done with the campaigns against the consumption of tobacco at the end of the TWENTIETH century.

In the meantime, try to stay away from obesogenic to the maximum extent possible, incorporates healthy eating habits and move more. Your health will thank you!

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